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Your Roots

                   Roots of Your Family
You know there is a few lasting things you can give you family
 One is their Roots, One is your Love.  And another is their wings.
 We all have grown up differently through the years, we have lived 
 in different times and in different places and had experienced
 different things.  Some of our memories are very happy and some 
 have been very sad by different things that has come into our lives.
   But no matter what has been in our past, it is so important to stop 
 and remember and most importantly is to share them so that your roots
 can live on, and generations will know whence they have come.
      I have found this Questionnaire that you might want to use part
 or all of the questions.  What ever you decide will be good, and 
 what ever you share will have great value to those reading it.
Please leave a part of you to your family!
                        ABOUT YOUR FAMILY

1.  From what country or countries did your family ancestors
 emigrate from?  When was this and where did they settle?

2.  What were your parents names?

3.  When and where were they born?

4.  What was your mother's maiden name?

5.  What do you remember mostly about your mother from your

6.  What do you remember most about your father?

7.  What work did your parents do?

8.  What is your birthday?

9.  Where were you born?

10.  Was there anything unusual about the circumstances
 of your birth?

11.  Were you born in a hospital or at home?

12.  What is your full name and how was it chosen?
  Does it have a special meaning?

13.  Who in your family do you most look like?

14.  How many brothers and sisters do you have?
 (List them in the order they were
born and include children who may have died early 
in life or at birth.)

15. Where did you fit among them?

16. To whom did you feel closest?

17. How did you spend your time together?

18. Did you ever take trips or vacations with your family?
Where did you go?  Tell about your favorite one.

19. Was another language besides English spoken in 
your house? What was it?

20. Did your family attend a church? Was religion an 
important part of your family life?

21. Was your parents born again Christians? Are you a 
born again Christian?

22.  Were one or two of the worst times in your family like?

23. What were one or two of the best times like?


1. What is your first memory going back as far as you can?

2. Where did you live? What do you remember about your home(s)?

3. Did you have any nicknames? What were they and did 
you like them or dislike them?

4. Did you have any pets? Tell about them.

5. What did you do for fun? Describe your favorite toy or game.

6. Were you ever really sick?

7. What do you remember about the grammar school you attended?
 How did you get there?

8. Did you have any favorite books or stories?

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?

10. What did your parents want you to be?

11. Do you remember how much things cost?

12. Did you have a favorite friend and do you have
 a special memory of that friend.


1. What household chores or jobs did you have to do?

2. Did you get an allowance? How did you usually spend it?

3. What did you and your family use for transportation?

4. How many years of secondary school did you complete?

5. What parts of school did you like best? What parts 
did you like least?

6. Did you play any sports in school?

7. Were you involved in music or drama activities?
 Tell about them.

8. Did you receive and awards or prizes for achievements
 in athletics, scholarships, ect?

9. Were you a member of any club? What were they?

10. What songs and dances were poplar/

11. What kind of clothing did you wear? How was it
 different from the clothes worn by the young people of today.

12. Who most influenced your thinking during this time and why?

13. As a teenager, how did you get along with your parents?

14. At what age did you move away from home?  Why and where
 did you go?

15. Did you have a favorite relative? And why was that person
 your favorite?

16. Did you have a least favorite relative and why?

17. Who was a close friend at this time? Any special
 girl or boy?

18. Do you have a special memory that stick out in your
 mind that happened at this age?


1. Did you celebrate any special family or ethnic holidays
 at your house? Describe them.

2. As a child, how did you usually celebrate your birthday?

3. What was the best gift you ever gave?

4. What was the best gift you ever got when you were young?

5. Were there any traditional or favorite recipes that were
 usually prepared for the family gathering?

6. What religious holidays were celebrated in your home?

7. What family or holiday traditions have been the most
 meaningful to you?

8. Did family come to your home for the holidays or did
 you go someplace to celebrate them.