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"Daddy, how much do you make an hour?"

With a timid voice and idolizing eyes, the little boy greeted his father as he returned from work.

Greatly surprised, but giving his boy a glaring look, the father said: "Look, sonny, not even your mother knows that. Don't bother me now, I'm tired."

"But Daddy, just tell me please! How much do you make an hour, " the boy insisted. The father, finally giving up, replied: " Twenty dollars per hour."

"Okay, Daddy. Could you loan me ten dollars?" the boy asked.

Showing his restlessness and positively disturbed, the father yelled: "So that was the reason you asked how much I earn, right? Go to sleep and don't bother me anymore!"

It was already dark and the father was meditating on what he said and was feeling guilty. Maybe he thought , his son wanted to buy something. Finally, trying to ease his mind, the father went to his son's room.

"Are you asleep, son?" asked the father.

"No, Daddy. Why?" replied the boy, partially asleep.

"Here's the money asked for earlier, " the father said.

"Thanks, Daddy!" rejoiced the son, while putting his hand under his pillow and removing some money.

"Now I have enough! Now I have twenty dollars!" the boy said to his father, who was gazing at his son, confused at what his son had just said. "Daddy, could you sell me one hour of your time?"

The bigger guy here is Ben the other one is Adam.
I have been homeschooling for 7 years now. I can't say I love every minute of it but it is worth everything that I have put into it. Oh, what joy it is when you teach your child to read and write. You know so many people are excited over when their kids take their first steps and say their first words. Well, many miss the other important firsts that kids do,and they are when they learn to read and write for the first time. I am so glad that I didn't miss out on these things. I was right there with them teaching them. There are many reasons that I homeschool ,but the main reason I feel is, it's what the Lord wants me to do. I use Abeka for both of the boys. That is a Christian curriculum that is from Pensacola, Florida it is for homeschools and Christian schools. It gives you all of their lesson plans and tells you what to teach them.
We get together with other homeschoolers and do field trips, we go to the nursing homes, and get to do a lot of fun things. Our Homeschool group has a sports program that the boys have been in. They have played baseball, soccer, fencing and bowling,right now we are learning Sign Lanuage. We do keep busy. Noah the baby has also learned sign lanuage.He started doing them around 8 months of age. Right now he can over 20 signs. It is so cute.He is a keeper THEY THINK IT IS GREAT TO BE HOMESCHOOLED! If you have any questions on homeschooling email me and I will see if I can help you.


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