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Hi WELCOME. It sure gets cold here in upstate New York! So hurry up to the house where it is warmer. Will meet you up there as soon as we get done with the snowman.

I love snowmen it is one of the things I collect.


My Home schooling page
Picture of youngest boys and home school links
Gone But Not Forgotten
My Third page
Our Lent Child From God
Poems and our son Ben that went to Heaven
Bless Our Children
Poems and some nice stories about Children
You Make a difference
A page you can send to others to let them know that they Make A Difference To You
My Awards and Web rings
Please come and see some awards I have been honored to get
Kasey a friends daughter that lived 21 days and a letter her mom wrote about her last day here. And a beautiful poem.
Read the Bible or search for a verse
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Friends and Special Thanks
Some of my friends on here and thanks to some special people that have helped me with my puter
Questions to copy and fill out for your family
Deaf Ministry at S.E.B.B.C.
This is the deaf ministry at my Church

Is that you looking in my window? Oh it is fine. You don't have to go you can keep looking in. What you will see is me (Patti) teaching Ben and Adam. I homeschool both of the younger boys. Ben he is 12 and in 7th grade. Adam he is 10 and in 5th grade. At times they sure are a handful. Ha Ha that is most of the time. Well, I guess you can see that little guy running around. That is Noah our little unexpected blessing. Noah will be 2 in June MY hubby he is Ron and the other two guys are Chad 23yrs old and Mike he is 21. Both Mike and Chad got married in 2000. So now I have 2 daughter in-laws. Julie married Chad. Jess married Mike. So now I have some grils in the family. We also had another sweet little boy that the Lord took home right after he was born. His name is Benjamin Michael. Well, come on in now you don't have to stay out here.


Well, now that you have gotten to know who we are. I would like you to come into our home and get comfy and get to know about us. There is some special things I would like to share with you. So come on in pull up a chair put up your feet and let's visit for awhile longer.Feel free to look in my other rooms. Love to have ya look around.My second room has a picture of the boys and some homeschooling things,the third is about some of my family that has died over the past few years,and how you can go to heaven when you die.My forth page is just a few of my friends that I have met on here. I am still working on these pages so I hope you will stop back and learn more about our home. The links are over there on the left. Click it and come on in.
COULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR?. I am not always home when people drop in so would you PLEASE leave me a note in the guest book to let me know that you stopped by for a visit.

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